Furman PST-8 Power Station - Free Shipping

Furman PST-8 Power Station - Free Shipping
Furman PST-8 Power Station - Free Shipping
Item# Furman-PST8
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Furman PST-8 Power Station

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Advanced Linear Filtering dramatically reduces ACline noise and contamination resulting in improved audio/video clarity

Series Mode Protection (SMP) for the highest level ofAC surge suppression

Automatic extreme voltage shutdown guards yourvaluable equipment from dangerous wiring faults

Zero ground contamination circuitry assures thedelivery of pure AC power thus protecting critical audio/video components

Cable satellite and Telco connectors deliver advanced protection toconnected equipment


AC Input Current Capacity: 15 Amp capacity required

AC Output Current capacity: 15 Amps RMS (maximum, alloutlets combined - continuous)

AC Noise Attenuation, Transverse (Diff erential)Mode: >40 dB from 10Khz. - 100 MHz >80 dB from 100Khz. - 1GHz

Outlets: 8 (linearly filtered outlets)

Transient Voltage Surge Suppression: 120 VAC - fusedMOV shunt protection L-N, Extreme Voltage Shutdown (>134 VAC), Telco, Cable/ Satellite (less than .1dB insertion loss)

Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.75 x 3.375 x 17.75

Power Consumption: 6 Watts for display and controlcircuits independent of actual load

Safety Agency Listing: C-UL (UL standard #1449)

Warranty: three year limited warranty for materials and workmanship