Hosa DIBA-307 Active Direct Box

Hosa DIBA-307 Active Direct Box
Hosa DIBA-307 Active Direct Box
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Hosa DIB-307 Active Direct Box

  • Model: DIB-307 battery powered only
  • Model: DIB-307A with Jack for AC/DC power supply (sold separately)

  • Boost guitar and bass signals up to line level for direct-to-mixer connections via either Low-Z or Hi-Z inputs.

  • "Amp-In" feature allows your amplifier's speaker output to feed the console. Now your amplified sound can go directly into the console without time consuming microphone selection and placement.

  • Ground Lift Switch breaks "ground-loops" reducing 60-cycle hum.

  • Rugged die cast aluminum chassis for incredible strength.

    Model: DIB-307


    Input Impedance

    Instrument 5 meg ohms Speaker 10 k ohms

    Output Impedance 100 ohms

    Output Load Impedance 250 ohms or higher

    Gain Instrument -22dbs Speaker -46dbs

    Maximum Output Level +5dbs Frequency Response 20Hz to 50kHz +/-0.5db Distortion 0.05% at 1KHz, - 10db Residual Noise -110db or less Power Requirement +48V phantom power:1.9mA +9V 006P Battery: 1.5mA

    Control Switches Output ground lift switch Instrument/Speaker Input Select 34db pad

    Connectors Balanced Output XLR male Pin no.1 = ground Pin no.2 = hot Pin no.3 = cold

    Unbalanced Output 1/4" Phone jack 1/4" Balanced phone jack

    Dimension 4- 1/4"(w) x 2"(H) x 4"(D)