Hosa K-DEo Deoxidizer Kit

Hosa K-DEo Deoxidizer Kit
Hosa K-DEo Deoxidizer Kit
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Hosa K-DEo Deoxidizer Kit

Remove Oxidation Quickly & Easily!

This handy kit is small and convenient. It contains mini 5ml can of 5% DeoxIT General purpose treatment and a tube of 100% liquid.

Fast acting deoxidizing solution that cleans, lubricates, preserves, and improves conductivity

Eliminates Oxidation and Corrosion

Improves Conductivity

Reduces Intermittent Connections

Improves Signal Quality

Reduces Wear & Abrasion

Cleans, Lubricates & Seals Connections Make electrical contacts and connecting pins shine bright and work better by removing performance-reducing oxidation. In just minutes you can use DeoxIT to clean contacts and keep signals strong, power flowing, and static interference to a minimum! For continued protection, DeoxIT leaves a microscopic layer that seals and preserves the metal contact surfaces on equipment. Note: For plated surfaces (i.e, gold or other precious metals) use ProGold.

Deoxidizer K-DEO DeoxIT deoxidizer kit