Odyssey FFXGS12MIXBL Glide Style Black Label

Odyssey FFXGS12MIXBL Glide Style Black Label
Odyssey FFXGS12MIXBL Glide Style Black Label
Item# Odyssey-FFXGS12MIXBL
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Odyssey FFXGS12MIXBL Glide Style Black Label

FLIGHT FX* SERIES GLIDE STYLE** CASE FOR A 12" DJ MIXER *(China Patented. U.S. and Other Foreign Patents Pending) **(U.S. & China Patented. Other Foreign Patents Pending)

The ordinary has become extraordinary with Odyssey's new Flight FX case series. Embedded into the case wall is a color changing multi-mode LED panel that runs across the front of the case. The panel can be set to any one of seven colors or can be set at a variety of color changing modes. For multiple case setups, any FX case can be synchronized to another by connecting the control boxes. Each Flight FX Series case is constructed with the same black anodized and powder coated black hardware as our Flight Zone Black Label cases complimenting the visual aura of the glowing panel. Become center stage at any gig behind these cases. Innovating? Of Course! Another Spectacular original Odyssey Design. Just excellent!!!

Features and Specs:

Front 7 Color-Changing LED Panel with Controller (linkable to other FX cases)

LED panel Effects:(1) Set to 1 Color or Random Color Changing, (2) Slow Flashing Color Changing, (3) Fast Flashing Color Changing, (4) Auto Color Mixing Fade in Fade out, (5) Sound Activated

Patented Gliding Laptop Platform with Folding Extensions

All Black Anodized and Powder Coated Hardware

Removable Front Access V-Cut Panel

Mixer Ventilation Pit

Rear Cable Panel & Ports

Heavy-Duty Ball Corners

Recessed Handles and Latches

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Mixer Width Adjustment Foam Strips Included

Fits mixers up to 12.5" and 14.5" deep(front to back), up to 15.25" deep and 3" tall