Odyssey L-Stand Laptop Stand

Odyssey L-Stand Laptop Stand - Black
Odyssey L-Stand Laptop Stand - Black
Item# Odyssey-LStand
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Odyssey L-Stand Laptop Stand


LSTAND (black) - Finally, the digital DJ stand you have been asking for; Odyssey's Laptop Stand. The Odyssey Laptop Stand is a light and portable stand to place your laptop, CD player/controller, EFX machine or lighting controller. Odyssey's Laptop Stand comes complete with clamps and width extensions so you can set up your gear just the way you like it. Color: black or grey

Laptop stand can be assembled in 3 different configurations:

(1) Attach to the case

(2) Attach to the table

(3) Stand alone

The Laptop Stand is adjustable to 4 heights and by adding the included extensions, and can be extended to fit that extra wide 17" laptop.