QSC ISA Series

Features of the QSC ISA Series Amplifiers:
Three models for low-impedance applications. Three “T” versions include low-impedance and 25-, 70-, and 100-volt outputs for distributed audio systems. Rear panel gain controls for tamper resistant operation with 2-dB detents for quick and repeatable settings. XLR and detachable Euro style input connectors. DataPort V2 for use with DPV2-compatible signal processing accessories (XC-3, SF-3, LF-3) and DSP-3 (with external power supply). Independent defeatable clip limiters for reduced distortion. Selectable high-pass filters that protect speakers and prevent speaker transformer saturation with minimal effect on program material (30 Hz or 70 Hz on non-”T” models, 50 Hz or 75 Hz on “T” models). Class H complementary bipolar output circuitry reduces AC power draw and waste heat by 40% (ISA 750 and 800T) Front panel indicators include power, signal, and clip. Covered barrier strip output connectors for safety agency compliance. Automatic variable-speed fan for quiet normal operation with maximum cooling. on demand. Rear-to-front air flow keeps equipment racks cool. Stereo, Bridge, or Parallel operating modes. Comprehensive protection circuitry including DC, infrasonic, thermal overload, and short circuit. protection. 3-year warranty plus optional 3-year extended service contract. "T” Models: 25-, 70-, 100-volt, and low-impedance outputs available simultaneously.Simple barrier strip connection determines output mode