Rane DA 26S (DA-26S) Distribution Amplifier - Free Shipping!!!

Rane DA 26S (DA-26S) Distribution Amplifier - Free Shipping!!!
Rane DA 26S (DA-26S) Distribution Amplifier - Free Shipping!!!
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Rane DA 26S (DA-26S) Distribution Amplifier

General Description Do you have a paging and background music application that would benefit from a low cost, one-box solution? The DA 26S provides all of the tools needed to serve up to six zones. For even greater flexibility in source selection and zone distribution, combine the DA 26S with a Rane CP 52S or CP 64S music and paging preamplifier. Many existing solutions require installers to employ separate paging preamplifier, dynamics processor, crossover, distribution amplifier and remote-level-control devices. These systems are expensive and require a lot of wiring, yet fail to meet all of the requirements. The DA 26S provides all of the required features in one compact package.

The DA 26S routes a mono program source and priority/page source to as many as six zones. The mono program source is processed by an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit featuring adjustable target level, ratio and attack/decay.

The priority/page input features automatic signal detection and remote zone assignment. A means of automatically attenuating program music over a range of 0 dB to 80 dB during a page allows mic/line mixing, talk-over or priority-replaces-program operation.

Each of the six outputs distributes full-range, high-pass or low-pass program music. Small bookshelf or hanging speakers frequently require bass enhancement. Bass enhancement is achieved by adding bass to the full range response or by employing a true bi-amp system. The DA 26S provides a 24 dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley crossover that supports both bass enhancement schemes. Wired remote level control ports allow independent control of music amplitude in each zone. Loudness compensation is automatic when a remote is used. Remote level controls do not influence the priority/page level. It is possible to control multiple remote level ports with a single remote device. This allows one remote device to control the level in multiple zones or both high-pass and low-pass outputs in a single zone.