Rane G4 Quad Gate (Gate/Expand/Duck Modes) - Free Shipping

Rane G4 Quad Gate (Gate/Expand/Duck Modes) - Free Shipping
Rane G4 Quad Gate (Gate/Expand/Duck Modes) - Free Shipping
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Rane G4 Quad Gate (Gate/Expand/Duck Modes)

General Description

Combining familiar front panel controls with the accuracy and performance of digital signal processing, Rane's full-featured, high performance G4 Quad Gate is suitable for use in a variety of demanding dynamics processing applications. Gating, ducking and downward expansion modes are offered, together with internal high- and low-cut filters and external side-chain inputs. It is the ideal tool for front of house, monitor, instrument and voice processing, broadcast and recording.

The G4 is a member of Rane's analog-controlled digital family of products, including the C4 Compressor, AC 24 crossover, DEQ 60 and DEQ60L graphic equalizers, and the PEQ 55 parametric equalizer.

Analog-Controlled Digital

Analog controls (knobs, sliders) allow a performer or sound engineer to make precise adjustments, in real time. Digital signal processing (DSP) provides a degree of accuracy, consistency and flexibility that simply can not be matched with a traditional analog design.

The G4 combines the best of both worlds by using analog controls and high performance digital processing to achieve an unprecedented feature set. Benefits of this approach:

Look Ahead Gating with Pre-Ramp: Never miss a transient

Improved accuracy and repeatability

Exceptional immunity to RF and electromagnetic interference

Lower cost per channel


The G4 is ideal for a variety of dynamics applications including gating, ducking and downward expansion. Internal or external side-chain key input, built-in side-chain filtering, side-chain listen, look-ahead signal detection and advanced metering combine with properly defined threshold, attack, decay, hold, and depth controls to provide the necessary tools for unsurpassed flexibility and performance. The G4 is the only quad gate available with this complete set of features.