Shure PGXD14/93 Digital Wireless System with WL93 Lavalier Mic

Shure PGXD14/93 Digital Wireless System with WL93 Lavalier Mic
Shure PGXD14/93 Digital Wireless System with WL93 Lavalier Mic
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Shure PGXD14/93 Digital Wireless System with WL93 Lavalier Mic

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The Shure PGX Digital Series wireless microphone systems combine the convenience of single touch remote channel setup with the reliability of 24-bit digital operation. Clean RF (Radio Frequency) performance, stable channel operation and low noise are all attributed to the PGX Digital's 24-bit / 48kHz digital operation. The user friendly yet rugged design of the Shure PGX systems measures up to provide years of reliable use in halls, houses-of-worship, clubs, theaters, restaurants, bars, etc. This system includes the receiver, bodypack transmitter and WL93 lavalier microphone.

The receiver operates over a stable 900 MHz bandwidth. The result minimizes noise and RF interference. The rear panel features XLR and 1/4" phone outputs. Its Scan & Sync feature automatically sets up the transmitter and receiver for stable operation. The bodypack transmitter is lightweight and durable, featuring a 4-pin mini microphone input. The microphone input is compatible with Shure's WL series lavaliers, headsets and instrument cables. Pure Digital Sound

24-Bit / 48kHz digital technology for incredibly accurate sound

20Hz to 20kHz frequency range captures every detail

Wide selection of rugged Shure microphones

Rock-Solid Wireless Reliability

True digital diversity for rock-solid wireless signal

900 MHz operation - free from TV signal interference

Simple Setup and Operation

Scan & Sync instantly and accurately sets up the system

One system operates everywhere


* PGXD1 Bodypack Transmitter with WL185 Lavalier Microphone * Cardioid condenser lavalier microphone for general purpose sound reinforcement * Smooth extended frequency response with presence rise specially tailored for chest-worn microphone operation * Power, mute, and battery status LED * Up to 10 hours of continuous use from 2 AA batteries * 200" (60m) operating range * Rugged construction for reliable performance show after show * Low-profile bodypack, easily clips onto belts or clothing * PGXD4 Wireless Receiver * 24-bit / 48 kHz digital technology for incredibly accurate sound * Automatic frequency selection locates a clear channel instantly * One-touch sync automatically syncs the transmitter and receiver * True digital diversity for rock-solid wireless signal reliability * Up to 10 compatible channels per frequency band * 1/4" and XLR audio outputs * Included padded carrying case for portability and protection * WL93 Lavalier Microphone * Subminiature lavalier design; ideal size for theater, television, broadcasting, video, film, and sound reinforcement * Small, inconspicuous mounting hardware * Full, clear sound comparable to larger microphones * Smooth extended frequency response with presence rise specially tailored for chest-worn microphone operation * Controlled low-frequency rolloff reduces low-frequency clothing and room noise * Low distortion, wide dynamic range * Uniform omnidirectional polar pattern * Preamplifier assembly (SM93) can be pocketed, strapped to the body, or clipped to belt or waistband * Wide-range phantom powering (SM93) accepts all commonly used voltages

Shure PGXD14/93 Digital Wireless System with WL93 Lavalier Mic Specifications:

* PGXD1 transmitter

* Audio input level: +10 dBV maximum, at minimum gain setting -16 dBV maximum, at maximum gain

* Gain adjustment range: 26dB

* Input impedance: 1MΩ

* RF Output Level: 10 mW maximum (dependent on applicable country regulations)

* Dimensions (HxWxD): 108mm x 64mm x 19mm (4.25" x 2.50" x 0.75")

* Weight: 128g (4.5oz.) without batteries

* Housing: Molded polycarbonate case

* Power requirements:

* Battery Life: Up to 10 hours

* PGXD4 receiver

* Dimensions (HxWxD): 40mm x 181mm x 104mm (1.6" x 7.125" x 4.1")

* Weight: 289g (10.2oz.)

* Housing: ABS

* Audio Output Level (ref. 38kHz deviation, 1kHz tone): XLR connector (into 3000Ω load): -2.5dBV 1/4" connector (into 10000Ω load): +10 dBV

* Impedance:

* XLR: 50Ω

* 1/4": 50Ω

* Sensitivity: -102 dBm @ 10-5 BER

* Image rejection: > 70dB, typical

* XLR output:

* Impedance balanced Pin 1: Ground (cable shield)

* Pin 2: Audio

* Pin 3: No Audio

* Audio LED:

* Red: 2dB below clip

* Amber: 12dB below clip

* Green: 50dB below clip

* Power Requirements: 12-18 Vdc at 150 mA, supplied by external

* WL93 Lavalier Microphone

* Type: Condenser (electret bias)

* Frequency response: 50 to 20,000Hz

* Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional, uniform with frequency

* Output Impedance: 3000Ω

* Output Level (1 Pascal = 94 dB SPL): Open Circuit Voltage: -38 dBV/Pa (13 mV)

* Output Clipping Level (at 1,000Hz): 0.25V at 120dB

* Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1% at 120dB

* Maximum SPL: 120dB

* Dynamic Range (maximum SPL to A-weighted noise level): 102dB

* Output Noise (equivalent SPL): 18dB typical, A-weighted

* Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 76dB at 94 dB SPL (IEC 651)

* Polarity: Positive pressure on microphone diaphragm produces positive voltage on pins 3 and 4 with respect to pin 1 (ground)*

* Recommended Operating Voltage: 2 to 10V; 5V nominal (pin 2 to pins 3 and 4)

* Current Drain: 40 microA typical

* Environmental Conditions:

* Operating Temperatures: -18 to 57 C (0 to 135 F)

* Storage Temperatures: -29 to 74 C (-20 to 165 F)

* Cable: Black 1.27m (4.17'), attached, two-conductor, shielded, terminated by miniature connector type TA4F

* Case

* Microphone: Black ABS thermoplastic case with stainless-steel-mesh grille

* Net Weight: 16g (0.57oz.)

* *Produces positive voltage at pin 2 of Shure wireless receiver three-pin connector